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Inside the restless Earth

Troy Ackley

Take a journey into the ground beneath your very feet and discover the true meaning of heat.

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1.The theory that pieces of the earth's lithosphere is divided into tectonic plates that move on top of the asthenosphere (2 Words)
4.The process by which pieces of new oceanic lithosphere forms as magma rises towards the top and solidifies (3 Words)
6.The boundary between two tectonic plates when they slide past each other horizontally (2 Words)
8.Pieces of the lithosphere that move around on top of the asthospere (2 Words)
10.The hypothesis that states the continents once formed a single land mass, broke up, and drifted to their present locations (2 Words)
11.The rising of the earth's crust to higher elevations
12.A plastic layer of the mantle on which pieces of the lithosphere move
15.The outer most layer of the earth
16.The sinking of the earth's crust to lower elevations
17.The boundary between two tectonic plates when they separate (2 Words)
20.The land form that is aquainted with the theory continental drift
2.The layer of the earth that extends from below the mantle to the center of the earth
3.The boundary between two tectonic plates when they colide (2 Words)
5.The outer most ridgid layer of the earth
7.The layer between the crust and the core
9.The stress that occurs when a object is squeezed such as when two tectonic plates colide
13.Beneath the asthenosphere and is the strong lower part of the mantle
14.The bending of rock layers because of stress in the earth's crust
18.The stress that occurs when forces act to strech an object such as when two tectonic plates pull apart
19.The surface along which rocks break and slide past each other

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