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Tragedy of Julius Caesar by W.Shakespeare


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1.Caesar will leave his people 75 ________ in his will, which is a lot of money.
4.If you set high goals for yourself and are motivated, you are filled with _____.
7.The foolish students made quite the ________ of themselves at the illegal rally.
10.The trash was ___________ of into the proper receptacle.
15._________is married to Brutus
16.After his trial, the guilty party felt tremendous _______ for his crimes.
17.All of the student body signed a __________ requesting a longer lunch hour.
19.All of the vegetables were harvested,__________ the soup was able to start to be cooked.
20.The teen was able to ________ his parents to get whatever he wanted.
22.If one looks into the future he might be called a ________________.
25.The army was ________ by the opposing, greater force.
27.Prior to the new principal being hired, the school assigned an ________ in his place.
31.The triumvir of __________ began to plan their devious act upon the emperor.
33.Hopefully while you're traveling, you do not _________ many problems
36.Each day we pledge our _________ & loyalty to our country.
37.The insides or 'guts' of an animal are his _______.
38.When a part of a group breaks away from the whole group we call that a __________ .
41.His actions were very ________ and need to be punishable by prison.
42.John made a ________ improvement in his grade and received an 'A' in math.
43.I am going to ________ service to that customer because he made a reservation.
44.The old man suffered a heart attack due to the enormous _______ in his life.
46.The tantalizing smells began to _______ my appetite for dinner.
47.Always ______ the right of way to the person in the crosswalk.
48.__________ is offered the crown to be emperor.
2.The worker began to _________ the ladder of success at his company because he worked so hard.
3.________ is married to J.C.
5.The language heard in the hallways is extremely ____________ & should be stopped.
6.All of the prisoners began to ______ loudly and viciously to get out of the cell.
8.Ancient Romans went ________ out into the countryside great distances.
9."Oh ____ is me," sobbed the poor old lady.
11.The huge figure stood like a ______ over the others in the village.
12.All of the crowds began to _______ once the police arrived.
13.__________ is not quick to join the conspiracy.
14.The beautiful _________ turned all different colors when autumn arrived.
18.Childrens' arguments are usually quite ______ & unimportant.
21.J.C. is __________ by the conspirators.
23.J.C. refers to his subjects as ____________ because they are powerless & under HIS rule.
24.The _______ of conspirators planned an assassination of the emperor.
26.The magic wand made the girl feel _______.
28.__________ always remains loyal to his friend J.C.
29.In planning his getaway, the convict was quite the _______ with his elaborate plans.
30.Adults generally look upon their minister with great _______ & respect.
32.__________ designs and organizes the conspiracy.
34.The car accident was a most __________ sight to the onlookers as they stared in shock.
35.The returning soldier was considered quite _______ upon his arrival home with so many medals.
39.To have a __________ is to make a prediction for the future.
40.Making ________ moves is important if you don't plan on getting caught doing a crime.
44.Hunters feel victorious after they _______ their prey.
45.The people of Ancient Rome would _______ since they did not have the same bathing schedule as we do.

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