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Algebraic Expressions and Equations

Mrs. Freeman

1 2 3
6   7                                  
      9   10                    
    11       12  
    18   19   20  

4.Two or more equations with the same solution
7.An equation that contains one operation
8.An algebraic expression in simplest form has no like terms and no parentheses
10.The numerical part of a term that contains a variable
13.Expressions that contain the same variables to the same power, such as 2x and 5x or 3mn and -16mn
14.Expressions that have the same value
15.A combination of numbers and operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
16.Any number that is greater than zero
21.Operation that undoes another, such as addition and subtraction
22.Any number that is less than zero
23.A letter that takes the place of a number
24.A value for the variable that makes an equation true
1.An expression that contains sums and or products of variables and numbers
2.To use distribution to combine like terms
3.The process of finding a solution to an equation
5.The distance a number is from zero on the number line
6.To multiply a sum or difference by a number, multiply each term inside the parentheses by the number outside the parentheses
9.Find the numerical value of an expression
11.An equation in that forms a straight line when graphed
12.An equation that contains two operations
17.A term without a variable
18.A mathematical sentence that contains an equal sign
19.When addition or subtraction signs separate and algebraic expression into parts, each part is a term
20.To write an expression in a simpler form

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