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APWH Ch 25

Mr. Schubmehl

1 2 3       4      
7 8                        
      9 10          
11                 12      
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23                         24 25  

3.War between Britain and China (2 Words)
5.Since the reign of this Tsar Russia had been attempting to takeover Ottoman territory (3 Words)
7.Christian boys forced to serve for life in the Ottoman military, resisted reform efforts
10.Rose to power in Egypt as Ottoman Empire weakened
11.Majority of Russians were members of this class
14.The Recipe for Revolution led to this uprising in China (1840s) (2 Words)
16.Became famous for her work in hospitals in the mid-19th century war between Russia and the O-E (2 Words)
22.What major body of water is the peninsula on (that the war between Russia and O-E centered on) (2 Words)
23.The Chinese rebellion of the mid-19th century caused upwards of this many deaths (2 Words)
26.Tsar when the war with O-E began (2 Words)
27.Unity of all Slavic people; wanted to create a Great Slavic state
28.War between Russia and O-E (and Ottoman allies) (2 Words)
1.Uprising led by reform-minded army officers (Russia) (2 Words)
2.Ottoman sultan captured and executed by rebels
4.One of the world's first machine guns; had devastating effectiveness in late 19th and early 20th century wars (2 Words)
6.Charges of this allowed the British and French to have no qualms over putting down a Christian rebellion
8.Tsar when Napoleon attacked Russia (2 Words)
9.Loss in the war with the O-E (and allies) convinced the Tsar of Russia that this must take place in the military
12.These two European powers supported the O-E in their war with Russia (2 Words)
13.This process began under Peter the Great and continued under his successors
15.Treaty ending war between Britain and China (3 Words)
17.This European dictator invaded Egypt at the end of the 18th century
18.Balkan country (S-E Europe) gained independence from O-E 1829
19.Saw himself as the younger brother of Jesus (was a Hakka) (2 Words)
20.Came to power in Egypt when European occupier was driven out (2 Words)
21.They gained favored-nation status with China after defeating the Chinese in war
24.Dowager Empress
25.Muslim religious scholars who opposed reforms in the O-E

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