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The Americas

Mr. Newell

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1.To farm in the swampy lowlands, the Maya built ____.
5.An important art to the Inca was fashioning objects out of ____, which they called the “sweat of the sun.”
8.The Maya used ____ to represent sounds, words, and ideas.
11.One of the Aztecs' most significant technological achievements.
13.The staple crop of the Aztec and Maya.
14.____ or “earthshaker” started the Incan Empire after a neighboring tribe tried to conquer the Inca.
15.To farm in the mountainous highlands, the Maya and Inca built ____.
20.The Aztec Empire arose in _____.
22.Male Aztec boys were trained to be ____.
25.The place of the ruit of the prickly pear cactus; one of the Aztecs' most significant technological achievements
27.Another word for corn.
30.Incan crops were divided equallybetween the commoners, Sapa Inca, and the ____.
31.One of the ____’ most remarkable technological achievements was the building of their island city, Tenochtitlan.
34.The Maya were united by their common ____: their social system, languages, calendar, religion, and way of life.
35.a Mayan city-state
36.In Tenochtitlan four wide avenues met at the base of the ____: the cities most important building.
38.The Incas practiced human sacrifice, but only on the most sacred occasions or in times of ____.
39.Settling on an island in _____was advantageous to the Aztecs because the lake provided fish and water birds for food, and the island was easy to defend.
42.What did the Mayan and Aztec civilizations have in common?
44.The Incas were influenced by the Moche and the ____.
45.The Incas believe that they descended from their most important god: ___, the sun god.
46.____ served as memory aids as the Inca did not have a written language.
47.____ was the official language of the Inca.
48.The Sapa Inca used a ___ system of messengers to transmit information.
2.One of the most impressive achievements of the Inca was maintaining control over such a huge ___.
3.The Incas’ greatest technological skill was ___.
4.To farm in the densely forested lowlands the Maya used ____.
6.The Mayan ruler was considered a ____.
7.Made it possible for the Olmec and the Maya to create permanent settlements
9.The Aztecs practiced ___ sacrifice on a much larger scale than any other Mesoamerican group.
10.The Aztecs were influenced by the Teotihuacans and the ____.
12.One of the most famous Aztec artifacts is a calendar adapted from the Maya called the ____.
16.Everything in the Inca Empire belonged to the ____.
17.The three classes in Inca society were the emperor, the nobles, and the
18.The Maya and Aztecs believed that ____ gave the gods strength.
19.The Maya, Aztec and Incahad not discovered the ___, yet they built enormous stone cities.
21.The Maya culture spread over parts of Mexico, Belize, ____, Honduras, and El Salvador.
23.One of the Aztecs' most significant technological achievements: small islands called ____ or “floating gardens.”
24.The Inca Empire developed in the ___ of South America in the years 1400 to 1532 C.E.
26.The Aztecs made conquered people pay tribute, honor the god ___, and promise obedience to the Aztec ruler.
27.The collapse of the Classic Mayan civilization is one of the great ____ of Mesoamerican history.
28.“The navel of the earth;” the Incan capital
29.In mathematics the Maya recognized the need for ____- a discovery made by few other civilizations.
32.The Mayan sacred calendar was called the tzolkin, or _____.
33.The Mayan, Aztec, and Incan religions were ____, which means it included many gods.
37.The Maya built their civilization in part on ideas they inherited from people called the ____.
40.Mayan civilization reached its peak during the ____ period, from around 300 to 900 C.E.
41.Collecting ____ was the Aztec Empire’s most important business.
43.The Maya, Aztec and Inca lacked ____ tools.

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