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Rocks & Minerals

Charvi Sunkara

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1.A mineral is this, or has a definite chemical compisition
3.A property of a mineral that determines the minerals roughness
7.a property of a mineral that describes how light shines of off it
11.This is the softest mineral on the mohs hardness scale
13.the name of the hardness scale
14.Marble is a example of this kind of rock
17.When a mineral is this it means that it is not man made
18.This is when a mineral breaks perfectly in half
19.A type of rock that is made when sediments are pushed toghether
2.The two types of igneous rocks are
4.When a mineral is this it means that it does not come from any living thing
5.The easist property of a mineral to identify
6.This property is used to describe the powder a mineral leaves behind
8.When a mineral breaks unevenly
9.Shale is a example of this type of rock
10.If a rock is this then that means that it has the ability to change shape
12.Andesite is a example of this type of rock
15.A type of rock made from molten magma
16.this is the hardest mineral on the Mohs Hardness Scale

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