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Shakespeare Final Review

Do your best!

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1."Cry _____________ and let slip the dogs of war."
4.This is 20,000 crowns and half of baptista's lands.
7.Pray it doesn't rain - The Globe has no _________________.
8.How old was Shakespeare when he died?
10.Number of children Shakespeare had.
11.Hortensio's wife.
12.A childhood drowning influenced this play.
16.It cost a ________________ to stand in the pit.
17.Shakespeare's mother's name: Mary...
20.When a character explains his or her thoughts to the audience. Thanks, Mr. Moos!
22.Number of sonnets Shakespeare wrote.
23.Percent of schools that teach Shakespeare.
24.In his will, Shakespeare left his second best __________ to his wife.
27.Much Ado About Nothing and Shrew would fall into this genre of play.
33.The Widow's husband.
34.The bloody Scottish play. By the pricking of my thumbs...
37.They closed all theaters in 1642.
40.A sonnet always ends in a rhymed ___________________.
41.A lot of stabbing in this Roman play: Hail _________________!
42.Complete this quote from Richard II: "This Earth, This Realm, This ___________________."
43.Name of Shakespeare's wife.
44.This is Lucentio's father.
45.This character falls in love with Lucentio.
46.Number of syllables in a line of iambic pentameter.
2.Shakespeare was born in Stratford on _______________.
3.Number of plays Shakespeare wrote.
5.O' Romeo, wherefore art thou...
6.Says this line, "My tongue will tell the anger of my heart."
9.Globe's most expensive seats were on the __________________.
11.An Elizabethan working woman.
12.These types of plays were based on real life people.
13.Petruchio arrives ______________ for his own wedding.
14.This is Lucentio's servant.
15.Offensively loud. Petruchio gives Kate a __________________ smack on the lips.
16.City where most of Shrew takes place.
18.The theater Shakespeare owned with his fellow actors.
19.Number of lines in a sonnet.
21.Is old, and is in love with Bianca.
22.The year The Globe opened.
25.Inselct Petruchio compares Kate to.
26.Term synonymous with servant.
28.These "guests" stood in The Yard, or Pit.
29.Hamlet's girlfriend.
30.Says this line: "I come to wive it wealthily in Padua."
31."If you strike me sir, you are no _______________________."
32.Says this line: "I have a daughter called Katarina."
35.Day Petruchio and Kate will be married.
36.Arrives in Padua to pursue a course of studies.
38.First two theaters: The Theater, and The _____________________.
39.The river you have to cross to get to The Globe.

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