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Chapter 5: Crossword Puzzle

Tena Gordon

15 significant words or phrases from Chapter 5

2     3                 4
6   7 8  
      9               10
          12         13

2.this is where the input values go
5.the independent variable
9.a relationship that assigns exactly one output value for each input value
11.the input values
12.the rate of change for any type of points on a line; the vertical change upon the horizontal change
14.a function that forms a line when it is graphed on a coordinate plane
16.to find this, write the change in output values over the change in input values as a unit rate
1.this visualizes what is going on with the function; a visual representation of a function
3.the dependent variable
4.a rate that describes how one quantity changes in relation to another
6.this is where the output values go
7.test for this by multiplying x by y; the product must be the same for all values
8.this organizes the input values, function rule, and output values in a table
10.test for this by dividing y by x; the quotient must be the same for all values
13.the operation performed on the input value
15.the output values

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