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Circulatory System Revision Crossword

1     2     3  
4 5              
8 9                  
  11               12        
  16                 17  

1.The main vein that carrys blood back to the heart from the body (4,4)
5.Carry blood away from the heart (8)
6.The wall seperating the right and left sides of our heart (6)
9.The number of times your heart beats per minute (5,4)
10.Help prevent blood from flowing in the wrong direction (6)
11.The force of blood against the arteries walls (5,8)
13.The red liquid that our heart pumps around the body (5)
14.The amount of blood pumped out of (the left ventricle of) the heart in 1 beat (7,6)
16.A lower chamber of the heart. We have a right and a left one (9)
18.Heart rate is measured in beats per... (6)
19.Regular exercise / training causes are resting heart rate to
20.Veins, arteries and capillaries are all types of... (5,6)
2.An upper chamber of the heart. We have a right and a left one (6)
3.The narrowing of blood vessels when the body gets cold to help prevent heat loss (16)
4.The increase in size of the heart as a result of regular training (11)
7.We breathe in oxygen and breathe out... (6,7)
8.Cells in the blood which help transport oxygen (3,5,5)
12.The amout of blood your heart pumps per beat (6,6)
15.The really really really important substance in air (6)
17.Carry blood back to the heart (5)

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