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Mrs. Gosling

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  10   11 12
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5.Receivers ________ switch sides!
6.No player ever receives ________ consecutive serves.
7.A player may not _______ or hinder an opponent.
13.All games are played to ________ points.
14.A shot hit high and near the opponent's back boundary line.
15.The shot used to put the shuttle into play at the start of each point.
18.A service must be an ________ stroke/hit.
19.An exchange of the shuttle between opponents by a series of strokes.
20.The _______ served to may only receive the service.
21.Follow through over the net is________.
24.A player can not deliberately ________ the game.
25._______ serving court is long and narrow.
27.Refers to all shots played on the non-racquet side of the body.
1.Denotes an infraction of the rules resulting in a point or side-out.
2.The doubles serving court is ______ and wide.
3.A player may not touch the ______ with their racquet, body, or clothes.
4.The birdie must be __________ the server's waist at the moment of contact.
8.If the receiving side wins a rally, the _______ side scores a point.
9.Best of three games.
10.All serves must be to the ________ court.
11.If the shuttle falls into the wrong_______ ______ or out of bounds it is considered a serving fault.
12.When the server's score is ______the serve is taken on the right side.
16.Scoring is the _______ point system.
17.Another name for the shuttles.
19.The server must not serve until the ________ is ready.
20.After the serve, the ________ court changes to long and wide.
22.An overhead shot hit forcefully at a steep downward angle.
23.It is not legal to ________ over the net to blay the birdie.
26.Serving is from the _______ side when the serving team's score is odd.

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