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Into the Woods

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2.The "creature" that destroys the kingdom and kills everyone in its path
4.Cinderella's Prince and the ______ are both unable to control their appetites, and are therefore usually played by the same actor.
5.Jack's best friend
7.In most productions, the Mysterious Man and the ________ are played by the same actor.
9.Cinderella's Prince spreads _________ on the stairs of the castle to try and catch her.
11.Jack's signature song about what he saw when he climbed the beanstalk
13.The Baker's father
15.Rapunzel's mother
16.The character whose wish is to go to the festival
17.She received a Tony Award in 1988 for her portrayal as the Baker's Wife
19.Into the Woods premiered at the _____ _____ _____ in San Diego in 1986.
21.The second of four items that the Baker and his wife are in search for
22.The Baker's Wife's fling in the woods
24.Little Red Riding Hood's favorite hobby
26.The fourth of four items that the baker and his wife are in search for
27.The Baker and his wife's wish
28.When the witch becomes beautiful she loses her ________.
1.The third of four items that the Baker and his wife are in search for
3.The musical that Into the Woods lost "Best Musical" to at the Tony Awards in 1988
4.The witch exclaims, "The Giant is a _______!" when she first sees her.
6.The actress who played the Witch in the 2002 Broadway revival of the show
8.The Baker's sister
10.The length of time that the baker and his wife have to find the four items
12.What Jack received from the Baker in exchange for Milky White
14.It is rumored that this award-winning actress will play the Witch in an upcoming movie adaptation of the musical
18.The _________ cut off parts of their feet in order to try and make the slipper fit.
20.The musical theatre genius who wrote both the music and lyrics for Into the Woods
23.The Princes' signature song that is sung as a duet
25.Who the Giant wants because he killed her husband
26.One of the four items that the Baker and his wife are in search for

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