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London In 1600s

Shikwah Sadat

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6.what where strict christians called?
11.where would people watch shakespeare plays?
12.who's heads where on the spikes on the london bridge?
14.Who started the London fire?
15.What where thief's called?
1.how many people did the London Fire Kill?
2.what do you call a person that see's evry thing good?
3.What did they put up on the London Bridge?
4.what did people throw out of there windows?
5.Who would take you across the river thames?
7.where would poor people sit in the globe?
8.what would the rich people sit on the globes
9.what do you call a person who see's evry thing bad
10.what kind if entertainment was there in the 1600's that included amimals?
13.What was the river Thames full of water?

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