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Unit 6 Vocabulary

Mr. Newell

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1.a raised road built across water or low ground
8.a person through whom a god or spirit is believed to speak
10.marriage in shich a man or a woman has more than one spouse
15.a ceremony that celebrates the end of childhood and acceptance into the adult community
16.a type of surgery that involves penetrating the skull
17.a gift of money or goods presented to a man or woman upon marriage
19.a neighborhood that is a political unit within a city
21.a wall or dam built to hold back water and prevent flooding
24.a written symbol that represents an idea or object
25.a social structure in the shape of a pyramid, with layers representing social classes of different rank or status
26.a characteristic of civilization that includes the beliefs and behaviors of a society or group of people
27.a stone slab or pillar with carvings or inscriptions
28."Middle America," the region extending from modern-day Mexico through Central America
29.an Inca clan, the basic unit of Inca society
30.a regional variety of a language
31.the art of telling the future or finding hidden knowledge through religious means
32.a soldier who is paid to fight for another country or group
2.an enclosed space or cage for keeping birds
3.a gift of an animal for slaughter as a way to honor gods
4.a Mayan ball game that had religious significance
5.a group of countries, city-states, or other entities who agree to work together, often to fight common enemies
6.a farming technique in which vegetation is cut away and burned to clear land for growing crops
7.a symbol or character in a hieroglyphic system of writing
9.shared by a community or group
11.a public square of other open area in a city where people can gather
12.a bridge whose roadway roadway is held up by cables that are anchored on each end of the bridge
13.passed on from parent to child; inherited
14.more than human but not fully a god
18.writing that uses pictures as symbols
20.a set of actions that is always performed the same way as part of a religious ceremony
22.a seat or chair on which a person is carried; a kind of carriage for high-ranking people
23.the time it takes Earth to travel once around the sun

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