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ECE Code of Ethics

Jolene McLellan


1.demonstrate ______ for all children for all children in all aspects of their practice
2.enable children to participate to their full potential in environments carefully planned to serve individual needs and to __________ the child's progress in the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive areas of development
3.demonstrate _________ in all of their professional relationships
5.work in ways that enhance human dignity in trusting, caring and co-operative relationships that respect the worth and __________ of the individual
6.______, on an on-going basis, the knowledge, skills and self-awareness needed to be professionally competent
7.work in ____________ with parents, recognizing that parents have primary responsibility for the care of their children, valuing their commitment to the children and supporting them in meeting their responsibilities to their children
1.work in partnership with __________ and other service providers in the community to support the well-being of children and their families
4.promote the ______ and well-being of all children

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