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      15       16

1.The form of oxygen that protects Earth from the sun's ultraviolet rays.
2.The flow of heat from a warmer object to a colder object when the objects are placed in direct physical contact.
8.Earth is surrounded by a mixture of gases known as.
11.The measure of the energy released by an earthquake.
13.Earth's outer layer that is 15km to 300km thick.
15.Earth's innermost layer that is composed of the densest elements.
18.The layer beneath the Lithosphere.
19.Vibrations of the Earth's crust caused by slippage along faults.
20.The layer of the atmosphere that lies immediately above the troposphere and extends from about 10 to 50km above Earth's surface.
3.The transfer of energy across space and in the atmosphere.
4.The concentration of all the dissolved salts it contains.
5.The removal and transport of surface material by water and wind.
6.The atmospheric layer located farthest from Earth's surface.
7.Earth's most thinnest outer layer.
9.Blocks of Lithosphere that consist of the crust and the rigid, outermost part of the mantle and glide across the underlying Asthenosphere. (2 Words)
10.The transfer of heat by air currents.
12.The atmospheric layer closest to Earth's surface.
14.The layer above the stratosphere, extends to an altitude of about 80km.
16.the solid part of the Earth that consists of all rock, and the soils and sediments on Earth's surface.
17.Makes up 64% of the mass of the Earth.

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