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Plate Tectonics Crossword

Paige Miller

1 2 3
4               5                    
6       7  
11               12

4.plates spread apart from each other (2 Words)
8.Scientist who came up with the theory of seafloor spreading while in the navy (2 Words)
11.center compositional layer; very dense; iron and nickel; creates the magnetic field
14.Theory that the lithosphere is divided into plates that are moving due to density, convection, and seafloor spreading (2 Words)
15.Scientist who came up with the theory of continental drift by looking into fossils, weather, and how the continents fit together like a puzzle. (2 Words)
16.Super continent; used to be all of the continents combined; Wegener's '"puzzle"
1.plates collide (2 Words)
2.solid iron and nickel (2 Words)
3.middle, solid layer; middle and lower part of the mantle
5.plates slide past each other; often cause earthquakes (2 Words)
6.middle compositional layer; dense; iron and nickel
7.solid, outermost layer; divided into the plates
9.soft, molten layer; upper part of the mantle
10.made of rock; low density; outermost compositional layer of the earth
12.liquid iron and nickel (2 Words)
13.a break in rock due to stress

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