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Mebiz Ads

BJ Longwe

For the Mebiz Ads publication.

2 3            
  4             5
6               7  
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    12     13
15             16 17        

3.Lack of agreement or harmony
4.A form of language that belongs to a certain region
6.To keep within bounds; to limit
8.The name of this publication
11.A small cloth for wiping lips and fingers after eating
15.Having little weight; not heavy
17.A bag or pouch for money
18.To trip in walking or running
19.The action of testing
1.To call to public attention by stressing desirable qualities in order to arouse a desire to purchase
2.To have or express an opinion
5.A furnace or oven for hardening, burning, baking or drying
7.A sudden and painful involuntary contraction of a muscle
8.A hand firearm formerly carried by infantry soldiers
9.The power or act of seeing into a situation; understanding
10.To straighten out from a curled curled position
12.The hard outer surface of the teeth
13.Not shut, covered over, clogged or stopped
14.You buy it from Del Forno's
16.To place in the possession or control of another

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