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Reasons to develop Greenfield sites


Watch the clip http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningzone/clips/greenfield- sites-development-pt-1-2/1513.html After viewing identify the reasons for pressure to develop greenfield sites

  6 7            

3.This is caused when there are more births than deaths and there is net in migration
5.As you move to the edge of the city, houses tend to become _________.
6.Building on greenfield sites is ______________ as there is no need to clean the site from industrial waste created by factories on brownfield sites
8.Delays in movement of goods is an ______________ problem caused by congestion
1.Factories in the 19th century offered these. Today it is more likely to be businesses and modern industry
2.The edge of the city is freer of this problem caused by too many vehicles on the roads
4.This part of the city has become more desirable for families wanting to escape the characteristics of the inner city and its problems
7.Terraces were constructed during the Industrial Revolution and in more recent times they have been constructed on the edge of the city

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