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Government Crossword

Quan Nguyen

2         3 4  
5   6    
7     8                  
  10 11                  
12 13               14        
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30 31                           32  
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41                 42               43  

2.Approves amendments to the Constitution.
8.Sharing of power between the national and state government.
11.Can print and coin money.
12.Current number of members in the Supreme Court.
14.Proposals for new laws
16.The system allow branches of government to limited the power of each other. (3 Words)
18.States can ___ any laws that weren't mention by Congress.
20.Supreme Court has the power to ____ ____ involving the laws of the U.S. (2 Words)
24.Have the power to veto laws.
25.Supreme Court has the power to ____ ____ between states. (2 Words)
26.Representatives serve for ___ years.
28.Justices serve for _____ with "good behavior".
31.Number of Amendments had been approved so far. (2 Words)
33.Cast it vote for president.
36.____ of the states must approved the changes to the Constitution before it can went into action.
38.Branch that can overide President's vetos.
40.Acts of which need to be the same in all states. (4 Words)
41.Have the power of judiciary by impeachment.
42.Creates lower federal courts.
44.Anyone who the President appoint must be approve by this group.
45.Included checks and balances in the Constitution.
1.Main job of the legislative branch. (2 Words)
3.Have sole power to try all impeachments.
4.Article about states and it's rights.
5.Two-thirds of this group need to approve the changes to the Constitution.
6.Cabinet members ____ the President.
7.Congress had the power to ___ war.
9.First 10 Amendments. (3 Words)
10.Supreme court has the right to decides if the acts of Congress are constitutional or not. (2 Words)
13.Congress had the right to ___ taxes.
15.Trade and other business dealings that cross state lines. (2 Words)
17.The executive branch _____ ___ laws. (2 Words)
19.The President promise to defend this before entered office.
21.Highest court in the U.S. (2 Words)
22.Senators serve for ___ years.
23.Branch that can review all laws and treaties of the U.S.
27.Commander in chief of the U.S.
29.Amendment about the Right of Citizens.
30.Age required to be a President.
32.Main job of the judicial branch. (2 Words)
34.President have the power to make ______ with foreign country.
35.Age required to be in the Senate.
37.Having 2 law making parts.
39.The Thirteenth Amendment stops____.
43.The length term of a President.

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