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Chapter 10 Crossword

Paden Gunlock

1 2                   3    
  4 5  
  10 11      
14   15          
      17                     18

2.Who was called the hero of the Battle of New Orleans (2 Words)
6.__________ ~vs~ Madison case
7.A fedralist appointed surpreme court judge. He was judge for over 30 years (2 Words)
12.Says that the Surpreme Court has the final say in interpreting the constitution (2 Words)
17.kidnapping; taking by force
19.The number of votes that tied Jefferson and Burr in the presidential election of 1800
20.Americal Naval commander in charge of U.S. ships in the great lakes. (3 Words)
1.Where the Corps of Discovery began Its adventure
3.A Seventeen year old woman who becomes the Corps's interpreter on the expedition
4.Won the presidential election in 1808 (2 Words)
5.Approximately the number of people included on the expedition
8.Explored the southern part of the louisiana purchace (2 Words)
9.Stated that no american ships couls sail to foreign ports and american ports were closed to all british ships (2 Words)
10.Treaty in witch there was no clear winner and still many trade disputes (3 Words)
11.The western border of the united states in 1800 (2 Words)
13.Wrote the National Anthem (3 Words)
14.The total cost of the Louisiana Purchace (2 Words)
15.Battle that put and end to the british threat in the northwest, and the battle that Tecumshe was killed in. (3 Words)
16.A person who takes extreme political positions
18.Country Jefferson purchaced the Louisiana teritory from

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