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Halfway through the Year

1 2     3       4
6                 7  
  8           9        

2.The thrid dynasty day.
5.The number of publicity reps there are in 7Yuan.
6.The athletics event that took place on the 17th of January.
8.One of the ingredients that was in 7Y2's main dish at the Pirate Cooking Challenge at Year 7 Camp.
9.The place that Yuan came on Sports Day
10.The first Yuaner to cross the finish line for the girls' Inter-Dynasty Cross Country.
12.The second dynasty day.
13.A talent show with initials SS.
14.The name of the Yuan mascot.
1.The last subject of the Year of the Dragon that Yuan had.
3.The first Yuaner to cross the finish line for the boys' Inter-Dyansty Cross Country.
4.The subject that Mr. Harding (7Y1's tutor) is a teacher of.
7.The subject that Mr. Head (one of 7Y2's tutors) is a teacher of.
11.The first dynasty day.

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