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Telecommunications - Introductory Concepts

Bevan Lewis

Revision of common terms used in telecommunications

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3.This type of signal uses values from a discrete set
4.Vary a carrier signal using information to be transmitted
6.The path the signal travels from transmitter to reciever
7.A physical quantity which varies with time/space and carries information
9.Technique where parts of a message are routed independently through the network (2 words)
10.Refers to the information transfer capacity of a transmission medium
11.A modulation technique that transmits an analog signal as a digital bit stream (2 words)
16.Tells the nodes how the message is to be routed through the network (2 words)
17.A circuit is set up between two nodes for the duration of the communication session (2 words)
18.Analog has a poor response to this, that's why digital is preferred for transmission
1.This type of signal uses a continuous range of values
2.The complete path between two communicating terminals
5.Exchange of information over significant distances
8.Used as a basis for dividing an analog medium into logical channels to transmit multiple message streams
9.A set of message formats and rules for sending information
10.The actual content of the message that is sent by the user (2 words)
12.Component that converts information to a signal
13.Combine more than one message streams and transmit them over a shared channel
14.Collection of terminals, nodes and links that enable communications between users
15.Component that carries the signal from transmitter to receiver

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