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Science Review

Kristen Mosley

1 2 3
4               5                  
  7 8               9
    10                         11    
12                     13                    
15                     16                
  19   20
21               22   23                 24  
25           26                
      27                       28    
29 30   31              
32                   33    
    36       37       38   39 40

4.headless and nerveless animals
5.kind of bacteria that can make you sick
7.matter that is broken down into their smallest particles
10.charts used to predict the traits that an offspring will show (2 Words)
12.can be destructive to us and constructive to the Earth
13.caused by wind, water, ice, and plants
14.plants being broken down (2 Words)
15.small earthquake that happens before a larger one in the same area
16.passing down of physical traits from parents to offspring
17.process of grouping things together by their similarities
18.guess they answer to a question(Why something happened or how something happened?0
21.behavior that an organism inherits
23.animals with backbones
25.makes the food for the plant cell
27.example of a landform created by erosion (2 Words)
28.the number of kingdoms technically
31.____________ a conclusion
32.stronger trait that masks
34.created when plates pull together
35.Someone who is curious about the world around them
36.found inside of the nuclues
42.microorganisms that have 80,000 kinds
43._________ amount of major plates
44.The Earth's surface is made of many ___________
1.has mass and is anything that takes up space
2.animals without backbones
3.molten rock, found inside the mantle, travels upward through the volcano
4.smallest group in the kingdoms
6.traits that are passed from parents to offspring
8.can only be answered by conducting experiments (2 Words)
9.2 or more atoms combinded
11.process scientists use to solve a testable question (2 Words)
19.don't have roots(vessels)
20.warm-blooded, give live birth, have fur or hair
22.processes that destroys the Earth's surface
24.process of moving sediment from one place to another
26.have 8 organelles (2 Words)
29.broken into 2 parts called Outer Core and Inner Core
30.blueprints of our bodies
33.have feathers; lay eggs
37.makes penicillin
38.thickest lair, made of melted rock
39.the building blocks of all living things
40.carries water and nutrients from the roots to the other parts of the plants
41.surface lair

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