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BrainMinders Crossword

Pamela Manley

1 2 3
5 6                  
9         10            

4.Always wears his helmet when riding his bicycle, scooter, skateboard, or roller blades
6.Keeps safe around water
7.A protective device used by many of the BrainMinders characters
9.In an emergency dials 911
12.The character who always plays it safe with his friends
13.Always looks both ways before crossing the street with an adult
14.The character who introduces all of the BrainMinders cast!
1.You should always wear a PFD - personal flotation device - when on a boat
2.Says never touch a gun
3.Encourages you to wear your "gear" when riding or gliding
5.The program is presented to school children but can also be presented to _____________
8.Always wears her seat belt
10.The characters are often presented to elementary school children in the form of a ____________ show
11.ALL of the characters encourage you to take care of your ____________

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