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1 2 3
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30                 31

5.Organelles with different structures have ________________functions.
8.Controls the movement of substances in and out the cells.
10.A force is applied and the object moves in the direction of the force.
11.Uses the sun's energy to produce glucose for cells.
12.System that provides physical protection and support in organisms.
13.Compounds containing Carbon and Hydrogen
14.Organelles with different structures will have __________functions.
15.What all organisms are constructed of.
17.System filters urea and other waste from blood.
18.System that aids in digestion by moving food through the digestive tract.
19.Type of digestion where food is grinded down by chewing.
23.The same
24.System that makes and releases hormones that make changes in cells and tissues.
25.Energy released during digestion
26.Something's job. What it does.
30.This type of stimuli is caused by something outside of your body.
32.What astronauts recycle on the space station to survive.
33.Contains chromosomes. Regulates the functions of the cell using genetic info stored inside.
34.Something that causes a reaction.
1.Type of reproduction that needs two parents and has diverse offspring.
2.System makes and releases hormones that regulate puberty and enables organisms to have offspring.
3.System that is protective barrier against infection, maintains body temperature and is sensory organ.
6.System that circulates nutrients from digestive system throughout body.
7.Provides physical protection and support for plant cells.
9.Generates usable energy for the cell by breaking down glucose.
14.System that breaks down food into tiny molecules for cells to absorb through small intestines.
16.Earths magnetic field protects us from ___________flares and radiation.
20.You will need to exert more force on this ramp because it is ________.
21.You will need to exert less force on this ramp because it is_________.
22.Type of digestion that breaks down carbohydrates into simple sugars
27.System that uses electrical signals to collect information about stimuli
28.Type of reproduction that needs only one parent and has uniform offspring.
29.Located on the chromosomes and controls traits.
31.Physical characteristic inherited from parent

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