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Civil Law

By: Malik Williams

1 2 3
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4.the harmed party in a law suit
10.action done with intent to harm (2 Words)
11.when people come together to sue someone for the same thing (2 Words)
13.when a lawyer only gets payed if you win and takes a percentage of the winnings (2 Words)
17.deals with disputes between individuals (2 Words)
19.agreement between two parties
20.legal responsibly for harm
22.the accused wrongdoer
1.the standard to win, more than 50 percent of the evidence has to be in the plaintiff's favor (3 Words)
2.the amount of evidence need to win a case (3 Words)
3.the person who has enough money to pay you in a civil suit (2 Words)
5.a court ruling
6.defendant engages in a dangerous that puts other people at risk (2 Words)
7.a child
8.unreasonable care that causes harm
9.written laws
12.something to make up for harm done
14.laws that were made through court decisions (2 Words)
15.responsible for harm
16.protected from a civil suit
18.payment for harm done
21.a wrong in civil law

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