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Julie Suarez

1                           2 3
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17                   18   19        

1.We have these on google docs to share editing and creation responsibilities online.
5.This is needed when you are in a boat or to get around a website.
7.Portable computer
8.This type of class involves learning through any electronic medium
9.We go together like rama-lama-lama…
12.Bugs Bunny, The Animaniacs, HeMan and SheRa, Mr. Magoo
13.This is an e-learning course created for use through the World Wide Web.
16.This small form of technology can fit in your pocket and connect to the internet!
17.People add _______ to create a decorative or informational addition to text.
18.Live online educational presentation during which participants can submit questions and comments
20.An _______ is a private network that is contained within an organization.
2.E-learning courses are designed to allow learners to work at their own pace.
3.This virtual classroom is being used my many universities.
4.A lot of people are afraid of _____ and therefore never use a computer.
6.I like to do things at my own pace!
10.I don’t like to just read the WORDS and not see graphics on a Web-page.
11.This course combines web and face–to–face learning.
14.This is the visual framework for each screen, showing buttons, features and navigation.
15.____ is a type o Website that uses special software to allow interlinked collaborative Web pages.
19.We keep these short online websites to post ideas weekly.

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