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Vocab Crossword

Sophi Dudley

3 4      
  5 6          
7             8   9        
10         11       12
13   14     15 16
19                   20          
23             24                  

4.a small drink of liquor
5.a showy but worthless thing
7.to reject under oath
8.worked, embellished, not rough or rude
10.cheated; taken away from trickery
17.causing insidious harm or ruin
19.unyielding; unalterable; inevitable truth
20.bitter, ranking resentment or ill will
23.dreamily, wistfully, thoughtful
24.disgusting, revolting, repulsive
25.communication of thought through words
1.to harass, nag, or impel
2.a fight, battle, or skirmish
3.boldness or determination
6.inclined to love
9.to exercise authority violently
11.regrettable; unfortunate
12.extreme poverty
13.cheery, merry, gay, blithe, glad
14.to give false or misleading appearance to
15.a belief or set of beliefs held and taught in church
16.comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or trouble
18.the imposition of penance by a priest on a penitent after confession
21.to beg
22.evil; threatening harm

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