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Are you Worth your Salt?

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  6 7                 8    
  11                           12            
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38                   39      

1.Someone who is opposed to industrialization and new technology
5.To have exclusive control over a commodity or service.
7.Refers to an environment in economics where transactions between private parties are free from interference by the state, such as tariffs, taxes, etc. “hands off” approach. (2 Words)
10.Combination of two or more products in a company that are usually sold in separate companies. (2 Words)
11.A budget where income and expenses are equal (2 Words)
12.A prohibition or ban on trade and commercial activity with a certain country.
15.A person born during 1945-1960, also known as the post war years, as in after WWII (2 Words)
17.A widely known name, a name companies/ makers give to a range of their products, example: Kleenex. (2 Words)
18.______ is used to measure the overall condition of the stock market in the United States price waged average of 30 (3 Words)
19.To refuse to sponsor or do business with. Usually held to push for a change, both socially and politically
21.Born in 1883 and died in 1946, he advocated the use of government money and fiscal policy to maintain full employment with no inflation (3 Words)
22.A market where the prices are starting to fall, which encourages selling. Sell before the price is too low (2 Words)
23.It could either be how much a company or corporation owns of a product that can be sold to the public, or a portion of _____, that can be bought by someone as an investment
24.A tax on specific imports or exports: tax on goods from other countries.
29.Tax based off of personal income (2 Words)
31.Buying stocks, property, or other things, hoping to gain money lots of money, but there is a risk of losing money
32.Either to be able to get goods and services with this without paying on the condition you will pay in the future, or “money” given to customers in lieu of money after a mistake. This “money” is then usable until it expires, or runs out.
34.A small or inadequate amount of something or a low quantity of an item.
36.The total amount of money, before deductions are made, that the employee earns for the employer during the time and days the employee worked for the employer (2 Words)
37.A product that has a universal price and has demand. They are usually "organic" materials.
38.Money that is paid at a certain rate to repay borrowed money. A fee that is paid for any borrowed products or forms of money.
39.Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Created in 1961 its purpose was to create a policy for sale, and production of petroleum between countries
2.Decreasing value over time, occasionally because of wear and tear.
3.Several firms at the same level of production absorbing into one firm and sharing resources. (2 Words)
4.A regular payment, paid weekly, or daily, in exchange for work or labor.
6.Organized groups of laborers who bargain for wages and working conditions
8.The act of price increase, and at the same time decrease of money value.
9.A situation in which something is held by a trustee to benefit the beneficiary.
13.Research about the marketplace and differential conditions of the current market. Used to predict direction of the market. (2 Words)
14.A high risk and high yield bond issued by companies to gain money quickly. (2 Words)
16.A document with a purpose to inform, or attract investors, clients, buyers, etc. It should advertise, and describe the product or organization
20.A collection of investments.
22.A market in which the prices are starting to rise, encouraging buying. Buy before the price is too high. (2 Words)
25.The state of being extremely poor and unable to pay for the basic needs of life.
26.Born in 1723, and died in 1790, he advocated private enterprise and free trade. He was a Scottish economist. (2 Words)
27.The total amount of money, after deductions, that the employee earns for the employer during the time and days the employee worked for the employer (2 Words)
28.To barter is to trade without using money, to trade services and goods for other services and goods. Not using money when trading merchandise.
30.A person who buys and uses merchandise and services provided
33.A form of investment in which a company/body borrows money from an investor for a fixed interest and a previously decided period of time
35.A group of manufacturers with purpose to maintain high prices, and restricting competition

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