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Investigating The World

Mr Fairs

1 2 3
6 7                              
10 11                          
16                     17      
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5.The amount of moisture in the air compared to the amount it could hold
7.Where things are and why they are here
8.Shows the time and place where the chart was produced and provides a key to the symbol
9.The piece of equipment used to measure Air Pressure
10.A specialised geographer who draws maps
12.In BOLTS what does B stand for
14.Any form of water falling to the Earth's surface including rain, hail and snow
16.Something that is made up of several cities that have merged togther
19.The process by which water vapour turns to liquid.
21.A measure of the amount of heat energy
26.In BOLTS what does O stand for
27.The process by which water turns from liquid to vapour
30.A community of oranisms interacting with one another and with the environment in which they live
32.Non-living things, such as water, rocks and soil
33.The Prince of Modern Geographers
34.A source of nourishment
35.A collection of statistical data
1.Areas of the Earth's surface that are naturally occuring or have been largely altered by humans
2.The rate of air movement.
3.The piece of equipment used to measure humidity
4.Areas of the earth's surface that have been built or changed by humans
6.The unit of measure for air pressure.
11.The piece of equipment used to measure wind speed
13.Where the wind is coming from
15.A place where people live
17.A town in India that receives over 11m of rain each year
18.The total surroundings
20.Living things, such as plants and animals
22.A person who is part of a society with the right to protection from it and the responsibility of loyalty to it.
23.A dot with the height in metres next to it
24.In BOLTS what does T stand for
25.The continuous movement of water, in its different states, between land, sea and air,
28.A line on a map joining places of equal height.
29.A line on a synoptic chart joining places of equal air pressure
31.In BOLTS what does S stand for

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