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1 2     3               4  
5               6                
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    10   11
  12 13                              

2.is a stationary insulated wire wrapped in a circular shape creates magnetic field
5.used to measure resistance in an electrical circuit
6.measures the current used by the starting system
7.high-current relay (switch) for connecting battery to the starting motor
8.electrical pressure
13.serves as an electrical map
14.uses a small current flow to provide larger current flow to starter solenoid
15.this circuit has more than one way for electricity to flow
16.condition where the ignition switch is turned to start and nothing happens
18.protects an electrical circuit from overloading
19.serves as a sliding electrical connection between the motor windings and brushes
20.allows the pinion to freewheel when engine starts
1.used to measure voltage in an electrical circuit
3.an electrical device that uses electricity
4.allows engine to start only when in park or neutral
9.the opposition to current flow
10.allows the driver to control starting system
11.measures the amount of current flow in an electrical circuit
12.high torque electric motor for turning the gear on the engine flywheel
17.Source of energy for the starting system

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