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California #1

Michael Schafle

Everything California.

1         2   3 4 5   6        
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46 47                 48
      49 50         51    
  52         53 54        
55                   56          
  57                 58          
59           60        
  61         62   63  
64                 65   66            
        67       68        
      69       70  
    71       72             73            
  75         76    

1.Last Mexican governor of then-Alta California (2 Words)
5.Could be Dawn or Coast
12.It's first commander was Colonel Albert Sidney Johnston (2 Words)
13.California's biggest error? (3 Words)
14.The Great Pathfinder John _______
15.Oldest living things on earth are this species of pine
16.450 miles long and up to 60 miles wide (2 Words)
18.Antelope Valley's most famous inhabitant (2 Words)
20.Pomo word for "Valley of the Moon"
22."Artichoke Capital of the World"
26.Largest county in California (2 Words)
30.Milton Friedman died here (2 Words)
33.You don't need to visit the Big Apple catch rays at this beach
34.Yucca brevifolia. Also has its own national park. (2 Words)
37.Most famous sign of the American film industry
38.Year of statehood, to Caesar
39.TV detective Columbo's employer, abbr.
40.River that runs through Yosemite National Park
41.Valley that is home to Palm Springs and Cathedral City
42.Fray Serra
43.Most disliked color in 2003?
44.Named for 18th century Anglo-Irish philosopher George
46.With "The", Famous auditorium in San Francisco named after the US President who admitted California to the Union
49.19th-century Imperial Russian trading post (2 Words)
53.World's 2nd rarest pine, found only in California in two places
55.Highest mountain in California
56.Saline soda lake famous for its tufa towers
57.Shared river with four other states
58.State motto
60.Yorba Linda' most infamous son
64.Discovered gold in 1848
66.San Diego de _______
67.First incorporated city in California (2 Words)
72.County named for the last of California's 21 old missions
73.First native Californian governor
74.California's first governor Peter
75.Naturalist who wrote First Summer in the Sierra
76.Longest undammed river in California
2.Five of eight are owned by the US Department of the Interior (2 Words)
3.John C. Fremont Expedition's cartographer Edward _______
4.US-Mexico treaty under which California was ceded to the USA (2 Words)
6.Rancho ______ (2 Words)
7.Location of Tao House
8.Governor from 1967-1975 (2 Words)
9.Yuma's tiny cross-border neighbor on I-8
10.First American to travel up the California coast to Oregon Country (2 Words)
11.HQ city for Warner Brothers
17.Where gold was discovered in 1848 (2 Words)
19.Thousand _______
21.Name of oldest living organism on earth, at 4,789 years, which is at Inyo National Forest
23.Cows don't actually graze at this airplane "graveyard"
24.Westernmost pt. in the Lower 48
25.California's first Christian martyr (2 Words)
27.River originally known as Rio de los Santos Reyes
28.Largest lake in California (2 Words)
29.Former HQ city for Douglas Aircraft Co. (2 Words)
31.Discovered California in 1542
32.Second capital of California
35.The Shasta dams it
36.Least populous county in California
41.City where thinking differently is encouraged
45.Northwesternmost county (2 Words)
47.County created in 1907 named after a land colonization company
48.Big _______
50.Butte County seat
51._______ sempervirens
52.Unofficial state mineral with atomic number of 14
54.County which shares a name with counties in 7 other states
59.The second national part created in California
61.A famous college drop-out lived and died here (2 Words)
62.California's only active volcano
63.Thousand _______
64.Anglicized version of the Chumash word Humaliwo, which means "the surf sounds loudly"
65.The first in this wildly successful chain of burger joints opened in Baldwin Park in 1948
68.Playright Eugene _______, who held a residence at Tao House
69.California's junior US senator
70.Famous Glendale resident John _______

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