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IGCSE biology level crossword about excretion

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1.The reabsorption of more of some substances (such as glucose from filtrate) than others
4.The liquid in the Bowman's capsule produced by ultrafiltration
7.Two sections of the nephron closely associated with a capillary where selective reabsorption takes place
8.Where urine is held in the body before it is released into the environment
10.The tube at the end of a nephron, where additional water may be reabsorbed from the urine
12.The part of the brain which moniters water content of the blood
15.The regulation of water concentration in the blood
16.Tube that connects the bladder to the outside of the body
2.The hormone involved in regulating water content in the blood by changing the permeability of the collecting duct of nephrons
3.Filtration on a molecular scale, as happens between the glomerulus and the Bowman's capsule
5.The cup shaped structure at the start of the nephron where ultrafiltration occurs
6.A small knot of capillaries associated with a Bowman's capsule
9.Large loop of the nephron which dips into the medulla of the kidney
11.Tiny kidney tubule where ultrafiltration and reabsorption take place to produce urine
13.Tubes that connect the kidneys to the bladder
14.Liquid waste produced by kidneys, containing water, urea and salts

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