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Electrical Principles

Nigel Wagg

1 2 3
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34                             35

4.An advantage of rewireable fuses
5.Power in a Inductor or capacitor is known as?
8.A type of capacitor
11.The windings in a shunt motor are connected like this
15.Angle found by Adjacent divided by Hypotenuse
17.Used to start large motors
20.The side of a transformer the load is connected to
22.Measured in Lux
26.Transformer type with three limbs
27.The brushes connect to this on a DC motor
29.Has terminals Base, Collector and Emitter
30.It is measured in Hertz
31.Capacitance is measured in?
32.The measurement of a circuit with inductance and resistance
34.Vp in a transformer is known as?
36.Four of these used in Full wave rectification
37.Name given to a series wound motor that can be used on DC or AC supplies
1.Inductance is measured in?
2.In the power triangle kW is a measurement of what power?
3.What happens to the current when a capacitor is connected to a circuit with impedance?
6.Has terminals Anode, Kathode and Gate
7.Also known as "WYE" connection
9.Its voltage leads the current
10.The three powers of the power triangle are True, Reactive and ??
12.A compact flourescent is what type of mercury lamp
13.Low pressure sodium lamp is known as
14.DC brushes are made of this
16.Its current leads the voltage
18.High pressure sodium lamp is known as
19.Rotating part of a DC motor
21.The switch that disconnects the start winding in a AC motor
23.The type of heater used in showers
24.Used to ramp up and down motors
25.Type of heater that uses economy 7
28.The effect that cause a MCB to "trip" under short circuit conditions
33.Luminous intensity is measured in?
35.If XL = 2200 when connected to a 50Hz supply, what is the inductance?

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