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How well do you know Guntersville?

Advertiser Gleam

How well do you know the history, geography and current events in Guntersville?

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10     11     12 13

4.____ & ____ Adventure Race (2 Words)
5.Historic restaurant, home of the 72-oz. steak challenge (2 Words)
8.Indian village, now the name of a road & a church (2 Words)
10.Water birds often seen at the city harbor
14._____ B. Wallace Drive
1.Route used to evacuate Cherokee Indians to the west; passed through Gunters Landing (3 Words)
2.____ Lake Village
3.architect on several Guntersville school projects (2 Words)
6.Many of the areas older churches started as _______.
7.Co-author of "The History of Marshall County"
9.100 cents; also city's chief executive
11.girls' varsity volleyball coach
12.____ Drive, named after relative of a famous artist
13.Found at the triangle formed by Taylor Street, Albert Smith Drive and another road

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