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Julia Young

Bob Jones University Press, c2010, chapter 7

1                   2     3
5 6 7 8                 9      
11                             12            
        15       16        
          18 19       20        
                21 22
          23   24              
25 26            
30                   31 32      

1.head of the Senate
8.the compromise made for counting slaves in taxation and representation
11.those who opposed the Constitution
12.Father of the Constitution
13.it alone has the power to declare war
14.the age required of a senator
15.the number of amendments in the Bill of Rights
16.Bills dealing with ________ must always start in the House of Rep.
19.the term of office for a justice
20.many other nations have written their constitutions using ours as a ?
23.the type of government ruled by elected representatives
27.the branch of government that makes the law
29.the right to vote
30.the branch of government that enforces the law
33.the number of freedoms in the first amendment
34.the name of the legislative state plan that wanted representation equal among states
35.count of the population
36.the Constitution uses these kinds of principles
37.the system of having two legislative houses
38.the president's opposition of a bill
39.the compromise made regulating tarriff laws
2.The system established by the Constitution to elect the president
3.amendment 19 gives _____ the right to vote
4.the men who wrote our Constitution used this kind of effort
5.highest law of the land
6.the purpose of this convention was to revise the Articles of Confederation
7.the Constitution has worked even in the changing times because of its ?
9.the man who was the New York delegate at the Philadelphia Convention
10.those who favored the Constitution
13.Alexander Hamilton favored this type of government
17.amendment 15 gives ____ the right to vote
18.the man who was the Virginia delegate at the Philadelphia Convention
21.the system that divides the powers of government between the national governement and the states
22.the legislative house allowing 2 representatives per state
24.the paragraph introducing the Constitution
25.the type of governement where the rules change with majority opinion, mob rule
26.the only amendment ever to be repealed
28.the branch of governement that interprets the law
30.the age you must be to vote
31.where the essays, The Federalists Papers, could be found supporting the Constitution
32.the name of the legislative state plan that wanted representation based on population

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