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Year 2 - Biology

1 2 3
4       5
7             8  
  10   11        
13 14          

6.Positively Charged
7.Substances that are made up of only one kind of atom.
9.The center of the Atom is called?
11.The earliest direct evidence of the existence of atoms came from the work of Botanist, Robert ______?
12.He was the Greek Philosopher who first searched for a description of matter.
13.An English Chemist who was part of the Foundation of Modern Chemistry.
15.Negatively Charged
1.English physicist who used a Gold foil for the atoms.
2.Atoms cannot die, therefore they are?
3.A Danish Scientist that theorized that atoms orbit like the sun
4.This model of the atom is Modern and has an Electron Cloud.
5.He said that atoms are like Plum Pudding.
8.'Atomos' means?
10.Substances made up of MORE than one kind of atom.
14.Building Blocks of Matter.

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