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20 Vocabulary Wrods

Erona Zeqiri

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1.Intellectual person, scholar, noun, "_____ skills appeared lucid on her, making her seem brilliant"
3.Outstandingly bad, atrocious, adjective, "her ______ behavior was not acceptable in the classroom environment"
4.To lessen affect, abate, verb, "Beats by Dr.Dre are headphones that are supposed to ______ outside noises"
5.Persuade someone by deception or flattery, allure, verb, "She successfully _____ her way in marriage with a wealthy man"
9.Extremely liberal in giving, beneficent, adjective, "His ______ donation is the reason scientist are getting closer in finding a cure for cancer"
10.Atmosphere, environment, noun, "the ______ of the party was so lively and joyous that it was nearly impossible to be upset"
15.To confront boldly, address, adjective, "Tommy's mother _____ him for getting detention in class today"
17.To twist out of shape or distort, bend, verb, "When I was little, my mother told me to stop ______ my eyes or else they would be stuck like that"
18.Noisy and difficult to control, boisterous, adjective, "the foolish teenagers threw a ______ party in which the cops had to be notified"
19.Pleasant in sound, harmonious, adjective, "many people agree that the sound the waves make are _____ to the ear"
20.To make or become confused, befuddled, adjective, "Joanne's _____ brain made us believe she was incompetent"
1.Wise, judicious, adjective, "The ______ old man was able to give us great life tips"
2.To find out definitely, learn with certainty, confirm, verb, "We were able to quickly _____ that there ware no available routes"
6.To burden, inconvenience, verb, "with taking three advance placement classes, school suddenly became a ______"
7.Expressing grief, grieving, adj, "the _______ student was hysterically crying over the death of her beloved dog"
8.Atmosphere, environment, noun, "the ______ of the party was so lively and joyous that it was nearly impossible to be upset"
11.Secretive, concealed, adjective, "no one knows what lies in the ________ castle in Washington"
12.Healthy, beneficial, adjective, "Peachtree City has many ______ restaurants"
13.Related or appropriate, applicable, adjective, "She fails to see how education is _____ to success"
14.One who tells stories and anecdotes with skill and wit, narrator, noun, "An incredible ______, Mrs.Carman often uses personal stories as examples"
16.To protest strongly or attack with words, admonish, verb, "The shouting girl _____ her cheating paramour"

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