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Ch 7 Human Health and Environmental Toxicology

E. Brand

1 2     3              
    5                         6
      8 9                   10
16                             17                  
  24 25                  
  29 30                      

2.1 + 1 = 3
5.the study of contaminants in the biosphere, including their harmful effects on ecosystems
9.maximum dose with no measurable effect
11.a chemical with adverse human health effects
12.chemical that mimics or interferes with the actions of the endocrine system Bisphenol A:chemical used manufacture of many hard plastic polycarbonate products; endocrine disrupter (2 Words)
14.disease that reaches nearly every part of the world and has the potential to affect everyone
16.changes that tax the environment
18.shows the effect of different doses on a population of test organisms (2 Words)
19.dose lethal to 50% of a population of test animals; reported in mg /kg
20.process of identifying, assessing, and reducing risks
21.pigmented marine algae experience blooms, cause environmental harm, threaten health of humans, animals
22.an estimate of the expected increase in cancer associated with a unit increase in exposure to a chemical
23.using statistical methods to quantify risks of a particular action
25.type and amount of damage that exposure to a particular dose causes
26.estimating the expected effects at some dose of interest from the effects at known doses
27.characteristic of certain chemicals ; extremely stable; may take years to break down bioaccumulation: buildup of persistent toxic substance, such as certain pesticides in an organism's body, biologicalmagnification: increased concentration of toxic chemicals in tissues of organisms that are at higher levels in the food web
28.the study of the effects of toxic chemicals on human health
30.the study of the effects of toxic chemicals and diseases on human populations
31.the branch of medical science dealing with the transmission and control of disease
32.areas drained by a single stream
1.adverse effects that occur some time after exposure to a toxicant or after extended exposure
3.includes an assessment of the exposure of a range of plants and animals to stressors
4.1 + 1 = 2
6.when a small exposure improves health, while a larger exposure causes illness
7.human costs due to alienation of nature
8.idea that no action should be taken or product introduced when the risks are inconclusive (2 Words)
10.adverse effects that occur within a short period after exposure to a toxicant
13.50% of a population to exhibit whatever response is under study
15.infectious diseases not previously found in humans (2 Words)
17.infectious diseases that existed in the past; increasing in incidence (2 Words)
24.1 + 1 = 1.3
29.amount of toxicant that enters the body of an exposed organism

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