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Explanations of Conformity

For AQA Psychology A

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4.We have a tendency to favour this over the outgroup
6.In Social Impact Theory, the people who provide influence are called this
7.This type of informational influence involves pressure to conform with norms set by a group, because we define ourselves and members of the group
8.In Social Impact Theory, the people who are influenced are called this
11.Name of researcher who studied Bristolian teenagers
12.Social ... explanations emphasise the importance of group membership
15.These are people that change their view to the minority, causing others to follow suit
16.People conform to group norms because they are group ...
17.Co-author of Social Impact Theory, alongside Wolf
18.This type of social influence involves conforming because you think others are behaving correctly, so you imitate them
19.Moscovici says this is key to an argument provided by the minority
1.Influential psychologist regarding Social Identity explanations
2.In Tajfel's study, boys played a game where they could allocate ... that could be exchanged for money
3.Social Impact Theory says that the amount of influence (impact) of a source of social influence depends on strength, immediacy and ...
5.This type of social influence involves conforming to be/feel accepted and belong to a group
9.This principle involves group members seeing strong similarities between themselves and other group members, and strong differences with other social groups
10.Clark says that this kind of argument allows a minority to have an effect on a majority
13.Hart, Stasson and Karau (1999) found this factor was most important in minority influence
14.In Tajfel's study, the participants allocated ... points to their group, even though if allocation was equal, they could have received more rewards

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