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Crossword Puzzle

Jacob Schulte

Drafting 1 Vocabulary

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1.Thick lines drawn to indicate the visible edges and intersections of an object. Also called visible lines.
3.Thin lines used when drawing inside features of an object exposed by a cutting plane. Lines are drawn using patterns corresponding to different materials.
5.Thin lines normally drawn between two extension lines, with arrows or ticks at the end and a dimension at the center.
6.A collection of the different lines used in drafting, with classification for line thickness and line type.
7.Thin lines made up of long and short dashes, used to indicate alternate positions for moving parts, repeated details, or motion paths.
8.Thin lines made up of long and short dashes with spaces in between, used to indicate centers of symmetrical objects.
9.The heaviest lines used in drafting, serving as a "frame" for a drawing and establishing a space between the drawing and the edge of the paper.
10.Very light lines used as guides for lettering a drawing.
2.Heavy, dashed lines used to show sectional views. Arrows are extended from the endpoints to illustrate the viewing direction.
4.Light lines used to project dimensional lines to specific points on an object.

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