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Vocabulary Chapter 8 Drawing

Anna Hess

Vocabulary for chapter 8 " A World of Images".

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4.A style of art in which dreams and fantasy are the source of ideas for art that looks realistic, but could never be reality. Savador Dali is a famous artists from this style.
6.made from pasted paper or other flat materials attatched to a flat surface.
9.small drawings of people, landscapes, or any other idea for art. (2 Words)
12.The nearest part of a from looks larger, or exagererated and the parts further away are compressed and small.
14.a way to create the illusion of 3-D space in a drawing
15.the shape of an actual object or thing (2 Words)
20.A side view
22.drawing with silver wire on paper, after time it turns dark when it tarnishes
24.the brightest spot on a subject
25.a thin, watery ink applied with a brush or swab- often combines lines with fluid shapes.
1.a quick drawing used to capture the action, or motion of a subject.
2.determines the direction of shadows and location of highlights. (2 Words)
3.an exageration of something drawn for humor or satire.
5.the spot where lines converge when drawing in perspective, (may be more than one). (2 Words)
7.a way to compose a drawing so the parts are unified- start large and work toward details at the end. (3 Words)
8.the space (air) around an object, it may be "contained" within it somehow. (2 Words)
10.includes many types of pens, with ink in them, like a ballpoint pen, or ones that are dipped in ink. Also includes using a "wash". (2 Words)
11.where the sky and land meet. (2 Words)
13.includes pencils, chalk, charcoal, crayons, or pastels. (2 Words)
16.the size and placement of objects in relation to one another
17.different types of materials together in the same drawing (2 Words)
18.an area of darker value created by an object in the way of a lightsource (2 Words)
19.a shape filled in with a solid value.
21.improves your eye-hand coordination, drawing the edges by imagining your pencil is slowly tracing your subject.
23.a substance sprayed onto a drawing, like a pastel, to keep it from smearing. (You can use hairspray for this)..

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