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Unit 2 Vocabulary

If there are multiple words, leave a space between them.

1 2 3
6                 7    
        8           9
10               11        
        12                 13      
14     15                                 16
18             19                             20       21
          25   26            
27               28
          29     30         31    
  33                     34  
  35   36        
37           38          

4.tend to lose electrons in chemical reactions, forming positive ions
5.energy stored in the nucleus of an atom
6.reaction in which energy is released
8.neutrally charged subatomic particle
10.needed for a chemical reaction to take place
12.formed when two nonmetals share valence electrons
15.negative effect of using nuclear energy
18.law that states the total mass remains the same in a reaction
20.Formed when an acid and base react
23.reaction in which energy is absorbed
24.acid + base --> salt + water
26.splitting nuclei
27.an atom that has gained or lost electrons
29.equal to the sum of the number of protons and neutrons
33.small number that tells how many atoms of an element are in a compound
36.representation of an object
37.joining nuclei together
38.horizontal row on the periodic table
1.scale at the size of one-billionth of a meter
2.law that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed
3.electrons found on the outer energy level of an atom
6.negatively charged subatomic particle
7.number that tells how many molecules of a compound are present
9.tend to gain electrons in chemical reactions, forming negative ions
11.parts of the atom
13.produces hydroxide ions (OH-) in solution
14.formed when a metal reacts, giving valence electrons to a nonmetal
16.have properties of both metals and nonmetals
17.tool used to organize information about the elements
19.equal to the number of protons
21.positively charged subatomic particle
22.an atom that has gained or lost neutrons
25.new substances made in a chemical reaction
28.produces hydrogen ions (H+) in solution
30.smallest particle of a compound
31.smallest piece of an element
32.part of the atom that contains protons and neutrons
34.one or two letters representing an element
35.vertical column on the periodic table, tells number of valence electrons and determines chemical reactivity

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