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Famous Figures in Russian History

The puzzle comprises some of the most famous figures in Russian history, particularly the 20th Century.

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1.Charismatic, meddlesome monk assassinated by monarchists: Grigori _______________.
3.Successor to Kruschev who squelched "Prague Spring" in 1968: Leonid _______________.
4.Current President of Russia and former KGB agent.
5.KGB operative who offered his services to the United States in 1961 at the Helsinki embassy but is now known to have been a double agent: Anatoly _______________.
8.Painter credited with being the first abstract artist whose works are displayed at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg: Vassily _______________.
11.Abstract painter who invented Supremetism: Kazimir ______________.
13.Post-revolutionary physicist who won the Nobel Prize in 1979 and opposed nuclear weapons development.
16.Cold war statesman famous for Khrushobas, shoe banging, and corn cultivation.
19.Male ballet dancer who defected to the West in 1974 and subsequently found fame in popular culture, including cinema: Mikhail _______________.
20.Elected President of the Russian Federation in 2008: Dmitry _______________.
21.The first Tzar of Russia and the fourth to use this name, which was followed by his moniker, "The Terrible."
2.Novelist who wrote anti-Stalinist epic Dr. Zhivago: Boris ________________.
4.Renowned 20th century ballerina who died at 49.
6.Statesman who instituted the NEP in 1921, permitting limited free enterprise.
7.Statesman who helped propel the Soviet Union to superpower status and was responsible for the Holodomor famine of 1932-1933.
9.Russian dissident who authored the Gulag Archipelago: Alexander ____________.
10.The second Tzar with this name; abidcated in March 1918 but was executed in July.
12.Well-paid lecturer and former statesman who was deposed in 1991 but is credited with instituting perestroika and glasnost.
14.She authored Requiem after her son's arrest, a poem which documented Stalin's Terror: Anna _______________.
15.Virtuoso pianist and composer who lived 1973-1943: Sergei ____________________.
17.The first person to orbit the earth; he was famous for his declaration, "“Poehali” (Let's go!).
18.Practicing doctor born in 1860 who was also a famous author and playwright: Anton _______________.

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