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North American Grasslands

Bradley Stewart

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1.Famous Grassland drought in the 1930's.
6.Grass used for grazing instead of regular grass.
9.Small yellow flower in Grasslands.
10.The main 'crop' of Grasslands.
13.What 'snake' is named after where it lives?
14.How tall can grasses grow?
16.The nickname for the North American Grasslands.
17.The act of what most animals in the Grasslands do for shelter.
18.Ancestor of all dogs, hunts in packs(usually), cousin of coyote.
20.Large herds of these roam the Grasslands (They are NOT BUFFALO).
21.The most numerous creature in the Grasslands.
22.Large funnel shaped cloud, that causes much damage.
23.The main type of Grass in Grasslands.
2.A mere cat looking animal that is going extinct (be specific!!!!!!).
3.Storm caused by over use of the land causing much loose dirt.
4.Big yellow flower found in Grasslands that we eat the seeds from.
5.Large, expansive plains in the middle of North America.
6.An example of these include The Rainforest, The Savannah, and The Taiga.
7.A recreational activity requiring you getting into water.
8.A little mere cat looking creature.
11.A recreational activity requiring you getting on a horse.
12.The Nations National Bird.
15.The act of animals 'mowing' down grass.
16.An owl going extinct.
19.This averages about 20-35 inches a year.

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