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1 2
3         4         5
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  17             18          

3.Distance traveled by an object in a given amount of time
4.A push or a pull
8.Speed of an object that is falling through air when it has stopped accelerating
10.A term commonly used to mean a decrease in speed
12.A measure of the amount of stuff in an object
13.An objects tendency to resist a change in motion
15.Results in the object changing its motion
16.Sum of all forces acting on an object
17.The pull that all matter exerts on other matter
18.The process of moving or being moved
19.The speed of moving objects is not always constant
1.An objects speed and direction at a given instant
2.The force that causes objects to move in a circular path
5.A type of friction that slows objects moving through the air
6.Change in an objects speed or direction over time
7.Force that resists the motion of two surfaces that are touching each other
9.When the total of all forces on an object equals zero and the objects motion does not change
10.One object moving another object or taking its place
11.SI unit of force
14.Strength or intensity of a property or event

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