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Science Vocabulary Lesson 2

Ms. Matson

Complete the puzzle containing words related to Science.

1                 2      
3     4            
5     6
  10 11                
  12                   13 14
  15 16                
18                     19          

1.energy of an object due to its motion
3.circulation of fluid caused by warm fluid rising and cool fluid sinking
7.temperature at which additional thermal energy causes a substance to change from liquid to a vapor
8.variable that stays constant in an experiment
9.process in which plants use the the sun's energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose
11.material that allows heat or electricity to flow through it with minimal resistance
12.layer of air surrounding earth
16.substance that blocks the flow of heat or electricity
17.substance compound of two or more metals
18.cancer causing agent
19.the preserved remains of a very old organism
2.sequence of changes in the plant and/or animal life of a region over time
4.the gaseous form of a liquid
5.part of ecosystem where plant or animal naturally grows and lives
6.smallest part of an element that is recognizeable of that element
9.organism that invades another organism
10.nucleic acid in the cells of an organism; contains the genes of an organism
13.quantity of heat energy; amount needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water 1 degree celcius
14.wearing away
15.one-celled plantlike organisms found in water or damp places

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