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Mt. Dora Middle, FLA

Beginner's ESL vocabulary; 6-26

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1.The helmet is --- the table on the shelf.
4.That ferry carries 1000 ---.
9.--- is usually better than treatment.
10.Old lamps give off --- hen used.
11.People who work at night often carry ---.
13.--- are usually painted red.
14.Refrigerators need to run at 35 degrees F to keep food ---.
15.--- the essential for living things.
16.Fighfighters do more than just put out --- in houses.
17.You hang your coat off one when you enter a home on a cold day.
2.Follow the exit signs in an ---.
3.What are they ---teaching next year ?
5.Is it --- to put out a fire with just water ?
6.It takes 2 years of training to become a ---.
7.When typing a Word document on the computer, --- often.
8.Many electric motors get --- when they are in use.
10.--- are always used by firefighters.
12.Animal --- save 3 cats from the brush fire.

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