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1   2           3         4
6                 7  
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15     16          
        17   18  

1.something done or performed as a means of practice or training
3.a heartbeat
5.name of exercise/muscle group
6.people who work out become very______.
9.involving the heart and blood vessels.
12.how often/what days
13.count your pulse x 6
14.the one at the front of the upper arm.
17.average amount the activity will be performed
19.the best to get it is first thing in the morning before you get out of bed
2.the ability to withstand hardship.
3.the ability to do daily activities without being tired, and or sore (2 Words)
4.the one at the back of the upper arm.
7.something or someone providing force or firmness.
8.capable of being bent.
10.total weight being used for the exercise.
11.work, especially in elementary grades at school, that involves direct experience by the student rather than textbook study.
16.he set a _____ for himself of exercising at least three time a week.
18.220 - your age =

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