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Chapter 11 Key Terms

Bradley Stewart

7th Grade Ms. Adcocks class All words and definitions are from the Science book.

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6.natural resource that can be reused or replaced (2 Words)
8.study of the relationship between living things and their environments
9.group of the same kind of organisms living in a certain place
13.found in Africa, has frequent firestorms, have a few trees, and animals such as lions, and giraffes
14.organism's role or job, in its environment
16.natural resource that cannot be reused or replaced (2 Words)
18.process of organisms acting upon one another or on the nonliving parts of their environment
21.condition in the environment that puts limits on the size a population con grow to (2 Words)
24.material found in nature that is used by living things (2 Words)
25.wise use of natural resources
26.average weather of an area over a long period of time
27.temperatures that are moderate or hot, very little rain and very little life is found here
1.place where an organism lives
2.found in the interior of continents, mainly grasses grow here (2 Words)
3.deciduous trees grow here, this biome has a long growing season, and a cold winter (3 Words)
4.everything that surrounds an organism and acts upon it
5.gradual change in populations of organisms that occurs when the environment changes
7.last community in succession (2 Words)
10.largest population size that can be supported by the available resources of an area (2 Words)
11.located in coastal areas, and have very frequent fires due to plants that attract lightning
12.area where a type of animal or plant population is found
15.located near the equator, has a great biodiversity (3 Words)
17.group of communities interacting with each other and the nonliving parts of their environments
19.large region with a characteristic climate and plant communities
20.the treeline biome, right below the northern polar-ice cap, only coniferous trees grow here
22.permanently frozen ground, locate in the far north, and is the coldest ground
23.all the populations that live in a certain place and can interact with one another

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